ReinSpirit Massage
To give fresh spirit to


ReinSpirit Massage


  1. To give fresh spirit to.


To bring back to a previous normal condition.

To impart renewed energy and strength to (a person).

To make new or as if new again.


     As someone who used to habitually feel drained and out of balance, I am a big believer in the fact that massage can be a process of renewal. It is my mission to ensure that everything I've come to enjoy about massage is at the core of my clients' experiences. -Sarah Norris


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Location:           4802 Belleview Ave
                       Kansas City, Missouri 64112
(My office is on Belleview Avenue between W. 48th street and Ward Parkway, across the street from the Polsinelli building and Hotel Sorella.) 
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Phone:              913-909-7599
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